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UNITE HERE Governance

UNITE HERE is governed by five elected General Officers and an elected General Executive Board with representation from across the union. D. Taylor is UNITE HERE’s President.

  • President – D. Taylor (bio)

  • Secretary-Treasurer – Sherri Chiesa

  • Recording Secretary – Peter Ward

  • General Vice President for Immigration, Civil Rights, and Diversity – Tho Thi Do

We value the democratic principles our Union was built upon by generations of men and women who heroically sacrificed to build a better life for their families and future generations. The Foreword of our Union's Constitution itself invokes "the power, dignity, and independence that only democratic trade unionism can bring to the unorganized and dispossessed."

Our Union is not meant to be owned and operated like a private financial institution, foundation, or company. Our Union must be bottom-up, not top-down. The strength of democratic institutions flows from the bottom up through an involved, organized membership and their Local Unions. The International Union by itself has no strength outside of its rank and file members, nor should it.

UNITE HERE held its first constitutional convention in Chicago from June 29 – July 2, 2009.  To read more about the 2009 UNITE HERE Convention, click here.


Section 105 Notice

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) guarantees certain rights to union members and imposes certain responsibilities on union officers. Learn more.


UNITE HERE Constitution (click here for pdf)



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