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Local 25 in Washington, DC, Reaches Agreement at Madison Hotel

April 2, 2011

After a 9-week struggle, workers at the Madison Hotel in Washington, DC, have reached a settlement. "Through the steadfast efforts of members at the Madison hotel and Local 25 members across the city, and with the support of the labor community and our allies, I am happy to announce that there is a tentative settlement," said UNITE HERE Local 25 Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Boardman late Thursday afternoon. "Our thanks to everyone who worked with us and supported our efforts. We couldn't have done it without you!" The hotel, which has long been unionized, changed hands on January 19 and the new, German-based owners refused to accept the terms of the existing contract with UNITE HERE Local 25, which represents 150 workers at the Madison. In late January dozens of workers abruptly found themselves out of work when the Madison closed the restaurant and the union responded with daily protests in front of the Madison and calls for a boycott of the hotel, which gets over a million dollars a year in union business. Local 25 members voted on the agreement Saturday, April 2.--Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO.

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