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Lunch Ladies Demonstrate at Chicago Public Schools HQ on Report

January 27, 2012

School lunch was all over the national news this week and the lunchroom workers from UNITE HERE Local 1 in Chicago were right in the middle of it.  After doing hundreds of surveys about school food with members, UNITE HERE Local 1 held a rally on January 24 to release a report, “Feeding Chicago’s Kids the Food They Deserve: The Lunch Ladies’ View of Meals at Chicago Public Schools.”  The report’s frontline take on the food served to our kids, and the workers’ suggestions for improvement, caught the eye of popular online media, mainstream Chicago press, and renowned school food bloggers, and even garnered a mention in CNN.  As the Chicago Tribune summarized, the workers “want to offer their firsthand knowledge and cooking skills to make the healthy food appealing to kids, but right now their hands are tied.” 

The healthy food effort at Chicago Public Schools is also a part of UNITE HERE’s national sustainable food program, Real Food Real Jobs.

Download the report.

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