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AFL-CIO President Trumka in Las Vegas to Support Station Casino Workers

March 22, 2012

National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is in Las Vegas today to pledge his support for Station Casino workers involved in the country’s largest private sector organizing drive.

Since the 2007, management-led buyout allowed thirteen insiders to take $660 million out of the company, workers at Station Casinos have not had a raise, have had the cost of their health insurance increased, and have seen the loss of thousands of jobs.

Michael Wagner, a bartender at Green Valley Ranch, explained by saying, “All workers in Las Vegas should have job security, good wages, and solid healthcare. I want Stations to respect me and my right to organize.”

Workers at Station Casinos came together to publicly demanded to organize freely in February of 2010, but rather than agree to a fair process free of managerial interference to decide whether to have union representation, Station launched a vicious anti-union campaign including TV and print advertisements against the Culinary Union Local 226 of UNITE HERE.

President Trumka and other community leaders agreed they were eager to support the demand justice for Stations Casinos workers who deserve better wages and affordable health insurance.

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