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Holiday Inn LAX Hotel Workers to Announce Class Action Suit Claiming Millions of Dollars in Unpaid Wages

October 4, 2012

Bartenders, housekeepers, cooks, and other workers at the Holiday Inn at LAX will announce a major class action lawsuit on Thursday, Oct. 4, demanding millions in unpaid wages.  Workers are suing their employer for back wages, not respecting their rights as workers to take meal breaks, not reimbursing them for expenses incurred while performing their work, and failure to pay them the mandatory "Living Wage" required for all LAX-area hotels.

Workers at the Holiday Inn LAX have routinely had to continue working after clocking out, and to work through required lunch breaks and rest periods, the suit alleges.

"I've worked for two hours after punching out. I punch out then I have to go back to work," said Carmen Linares, a Holiday Inn housekeeper.





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