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Over 200 Twin River Food and Beverage Employees Ratify New Agreement

November 12, 2012

On November 2, over 200 Twin River food and beverage workers, members of UNITE HERE Local 217, overwhelmingly ratified a new five year agreement that preserves middle class jobs and provides real job security to its employees. Nontipped employees, such as cooks, cleaners, and warehouse workers, will see their hourly earnings rise 12% by the end of the Agreement.  Twin River has agreed to increase its pension contribution by over 6% a year.  As part of the Agreement, more employees will also qualify for health insurance,

"Most folks are talking about creating jobs, but very few people are talking about creating good jobs.  Twin River has committed to both preserve and create good jobs. This is what Rhode Island needs.  I am a homeowner, a working mom, and I am saving to send to kids to college.  I could not afford to do this without a middle class, union job," stated Banquet Captain, Julie Procaccini, Cranston.

"A large part of my family works at Twin River.  Under this new agreement we will receive fair raises that allow us to pay our mortgage, provide for our kids, and keep Rhode Island dollars in our community," stated cleaner John Gomes, Central Falls.

"I started working at Twin River over 20 years ago when it was a sleepy dogtrack.  My union job at Twin River has allowed me to be a part of the middle class and will allow me to retire with dignity.  This is because as part of our new agreement Twin River committed to keep our pension strong," stated Wicked Good waitress Carol Degnan, North Providence.

"Our country is in the middle of a health care crisis. However, Twin River has done the right thing.  It has not only continued to provide quality health insurance to its employees, but it is also allowing more employees to have access to health insurance," stated Bartender, Lisa Ricamo, East Providence.

"I love working at Twin River.  I pride myself in providing top notch service to our guests. The commitment Twin River is making to us will translate to us providing the best guest service of any gambling venue in New England," stated beverage server, Liz Sankey, Smithfield.





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