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Thousands in San Antonio Vote for Tip Integrity Act for Hospitality Workers

January 28, 2013

Last month San Antonio hotel and restaurant workers took a big step forward in their campaign for justice on the River Walk, the hospitality destination in downtown San Antonio. More than 3,700 Riverwalk workers and customers voted in the Mi Tia River Walk Referendum. "Mi Tia" is the Tip Integrity Act, which proposes that service charges pass directly to service workers. Dozens of volunteers canvassed the River Walk talking to workers and customers about tip theft.

Local clergy counted the ballots and announced the results at a press conference on the steps of San Antonio City Hall, where they demanded that the City Council and the mayor heed the clear mandate of the people. The 3,756 votes for Mia Tia exceeded the number of votes for any San Antonio City Councilperson in the last election.

─░Que Viva Mi TIA!

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