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Face-off at the Winter Classic: Aramark Employees Push for Better Wages, Benefits

January 3, 2012

Hundreds of Aramark's Citizens Bank Park employees, and their supporters from New York to Baltimore, rallied in support of better wages and access to healthcare benefits following the 2012 NHL Winter Classic on January 2.  Since voting down the company's latest contract offer in September, beer vendors, concessions stand attendants, and the other stadium employees covered have been publicly pushing Aramark to put forward a contract that includes better wages, stable health benefits and more work opportunities.

"It's important to keep fighting for good wages and benefits, even in the off-season," said Briheem Douglas, a concessions worker. "This is not a game to us. Our families depend on what we earn at the ballpark to survive.

"Having access to healthcare is extremely important for me," said Brandon Simmons, a concessions worker at Citizens Bank Park. "A sudden medical emergency can strike anyone at any time. It happened to me this year. Having access to basic healthcare can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation."





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