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Pomona College: Give workers a voice!

February 8, 2012

On December 2, 2011, Pomona College fired Carmen, her mother Felipa, and her brother-in-law Rogelio after a meticulous investigation into their work authorization documents. Now, Carmen and the Pomona community are speaking out in a new video.

Pomona is a college, not a greedy corporation. This was not an ICE raid. A federal agency did not prompt this investigation. So why did Pomona check workers' papers now? The firings come in the midst of workers' efforts to form a union – an effort Pomona College has opposed.

Take action and send an email to Paul Efron, Chair of the Pomona Board of Trustees and Goldman Sachs Advisory Director.

Your name will be added to a petition calling on the college to allow the dining hall workers to choose to unionize without intimidation from the college.





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