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Vancouver's Rosewood Hotel Georgia workers celebrate contract win

February 16, 2012

Workers at Rosewood Hotel Georgia, which opened in downtown Vancouver in July of last year, ratified their first contract on February 7th. This is the first new hotel to join Local 40 in almost 15 years. The old Hotel Georgia shut its doors in 2006, was sold, and remained closed for more than four years. It reopened as a new, 156 room luxury hotel. The new owners appeared determined to operate it non-union, but the mobilizations of union hotel workers fighting their city-wide contract in 2010 provided strong encouragement for the new company to negotiate. Local 40 accomplished a card check-like recognition agreement and recall rights for any of the former employees who wanted to return.

The ratified contract raises Hotel Georgia workers close to the standard and cycle of the top Local 40 hotels.





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