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For Immediate Release
August 31, 2009
Cade Watanabe

UNITE HERE Local 5 Launches Online Kaiser Patient Care & Service Survey

HONOLULU - A week after more than 1,000 Local 5 health care workers and their supporters rallied in front of Kaiser’s Honolulu and Wailuku Clinics, the hotel and healthcare workers' union UNITE HERE Local 5 has launched a website,, as part of their 2009 statewide contract campaign.

Local 5’s new website features an online Kaiser Patient Care and Service Survey.

Members of the public who are covered by Kaiser Permanente are encouraged to view and fill-out the online survey by visiting

UNITE HERE Local 5 will catalog survey results as part of their ongoing campaign to deliver quality patient care by way of securing a greater voice on the job, reasonable working conditions, proper staffing and job security for nearly 1,800 frontline workers at Kaiser Permanente, Hawaii’s largest health maintenance organization.

UNITE HERE Local 5 is the Hawaii-based branch of the UNITE HERE union, which represents over 450,000 North American members, with a tradition of consumer advocacy.



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